Our Release Strategy

We treat every cinema as its own market and do extensive outreach to people and groups in communities that would be interested in the film,  as well as get great local media coverage where possible. We can afford to do this as we have a dedicated research team overseas that can do all of this work at a very cost effective rate. As a result, you can see from the table below, that in the US we’ve had a far higher penetration of theatres in our key states than all but the major releases, and often we beat blockbusters when head-to-head.

To test how effective these techniques were in other markets, we did a test theatrical release in one of the hardest markets in Europe for independent film: Bulgaria. We had a similar success in drawing in similar sized audiences as the likes of I, Daniel Blake, The Square, The Killing of Sacred Deer etc. We actually generated a higher level of media coverage in Bulgaria that in the US, with at least 50 articles, TV segments etc in a country with a media market similar to Scotland in size.

In the UK this will be supporting our conventional media campaign.

Cinemas in key targetted states in the USA.

South Dakota 16 5926
Montana 11 3438
Maine 10 2439
Oregon 20 1575
Alaska 3 1304
Vermont 3 1579
Washington 23 1018
Minnesota 15 877
North Dakota 2 833
Idaho 3 577
Arizona 12 558